3 Common Side Effects of Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is one of the most effective treatments for most types of cancer. Not only is the procedure itself fairly pain free but there is virtually no recovery time as well. And with minimal side effects, it’s a wonder that more people don’t hop on board with radiation as a treatment as soon as it is given to them as an option. Although minimal, here are three of the most common side effects of radiation therapy to look out for.


  1. Fatigue
    As one of the most common side effects of radiation therapy, the fatigue you will experience will make you want to nap more than once throughout the day. If possible, try to take a few weeks off after radiation therapy so that you can give your body the ample time it needs to rest and recuperate.
  2. Irritation and Soreness
    Another fairly common side effect of radiation therapy is irritation and soreness at the site in which radiation was administered. For instance, if you received radiation on your stomach, you might notice that it is a bit sore to the touch and that your skin is more itchy and red than usual. Unless the symptoms exacerbate themselves, try not to worry too much about the irritation and soreness— plus, they should go away within a week or two.
  3. Symptoms Based on the Targeted Site
    Because radiation can be used to treat cancer and ailments throughout the body, there are different symptoms that you may experience depending on the area where you received radiation. For instance, if you received radiation on your neck, you might notice that you have a little bit of a difficulty swallowing. Whereas if you receive radiation on your stomach, you may notice that you feel like you have a consistent stomach ache.

Radiation therapy is a safe and effective treatment option for many individuals suffering from cancer and other diseases. To learn more about radiation therapy and the side effects, contact our office today!

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