3 Types of Abdominal Imaging

Patient and DoctorAbdominal imaging is done to detect any growths or abnormalities that your doctor might be suspicious of. For instance, if you are complaining of constant pain in your large intestine or near your kidneys, your doctor may request some sort of imaging in order to get to the root of the problem and rule out any crazy diseases. Here are three types of abdominal imaging that your doctor might recommend.


CT Scans

CT scans are the quickest and easiest type of abdominal scan available. By quickly taking a 30 second flash image of your abdomen, your radiologist can quickly and easily get results. Plus CT scans can pick up images of things such as kidney stones or any gallbladder issues, which will help your radiologist rule out any additional problems.



Just because your doctor may order an ultrasound, don’t worry— you’re not pregnant. In fact ultrasound technology can be used to see all different parts of your body that’s located in the abdominal region. Because your abdomen is typically surrounded by large amounts of liquid–thanks to that water bottle you carry with you— the doctor should be able to clearly see images of the organs that are giving you the most issues. Ultrasounds are particularly good at checking things like the liver, kidneys, pancreas, and gallbladder.



You might think that MRI’s are only used to detect any problems associated within the brain or spine, but MRI’s can also be used to detect any problems within  your abdominal region. MR technology lets the doctor see things like the blood vessels and even the heart. Additionally, MR technology can detect tumors, infections, and can even allow doctors see if any organs surrounding the abdominal area are moving abnormally.


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