4 Unique Facts About Prostate Cancer

Prostate Diagnosis and Treatment Galveston, TXThe “C word” is not something anybody likes to talk about. However, if you or one of your loved ones is diagnosed with cancer, you can work with your oncologist and radiologist at UTMB Radiology to create a catered treatment plan for you. As one of the most common forms of cancer, a large amount of the patients we see at our office have prostate cancer. To help you better understand prostate cancer, we have created a brief guide with a list of five unique facts. Read on to learn more.

Fact #1: It’s Easily Cured

The scariest part about cancer is how aggressive it can be— ending a lot of lives in the process. The great thing about prostate cancer, however, is that although a lot of men have it, most men don’t die from it. In fact, the American Cancer Society says that “More than 2.9 million men in the United States who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point are still alive today.”

Fact #2: It’s Common

If you ask around, you’ll find that you probably know more than a handful of men over the age of 65 who have had prostate cancer at one point in their lives. As one of the most common forms of cancer, it’s estimated that 1 in 7 men get diagnosed with it.

Fact #3: There Aren’t Symptoms At First

Unlike something like a cold or stomach virus, there aren’t any noticeable symptoms of prostate cancer in its early stages. Luckily, when you’re over the age of 50, males are encouraged to get a regular prostate examination and screening to help with early detection.

Fact #4: It’s Rare for Young Men

If you are 65 and older, you are more likely to get prostate cancer than if you are in your 40’s or even 50’s. Although it’s still possible to get prostate cancer under the age of 65, it is rare.

By learning some facts about prostate cancer, you can have a better grasp on this disease. To learn about radiation treatment for prostate cancer, contact UTMB Radiology today!

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