An Introduction To Ultrasonography

radiological imaging services Galveston, TXUTMB Radiology offers ultrasonography for diagnostic purposes. Patients who undergo the procedure often have questions about the technology as it relates to their healthcare. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of ultrasonography and its unique contribution to your medical care.

What is Ultrasonography?

Ultrasonography is a diagnostic technology that is used in the field of medicine to create images of soft tissues, such as internal organs, that may not be captured in adequate detail through other approaches. The system works by producing sound waves that reflect off the surfaces of the tissues. The returning sound waves are then transformed into electrical currents that can be read by the system.

What are the Benefits of Ultrasonography?

Ultrasonography allows your physician to detect any abnormalities in your soft tissues with a superior degree of accuracy. Also known as an ultrasound test, the procedure is comfortable for patients, may cost less compared to other techniques and can be used in patients who cannot undergo x-rays and other types of testing, such as pregnant women.

How is Ultrasonography Used in Medical Care?

Ultrasonography is used in a variety of applications, such as:

  • Pregnancy
  • Female reproductive system
  • Heart
  • Blood vessels
  • Gallbladder
  • Pancreas, spleen, and liver

What Happens During an Ultrasonography Procedure?

Depending on the area that is being examined, you may need to fast for a period before your ultrasonography screening. Anesthesia is not required for the procedure. A special gel is applied to your skin to maximize the transmission of the sound waves into your body. A device is placed over the area that delivers the ultrasound energy. Some procedures require that a second device is placed into the body, such as procedures for uterine and ovarian screenings, as well as heart testing.

You will see the images displayed on a monitor next to you, and the technician may provide a general overview of what is being shown by the system.

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