How to Encourage Positivity In Your Loved Ones This Season

cancer treatmentThe holidays are the best time of year to celebrate the ones you love by spending time with each other. If you have a loved one who is currently going through radiation treatment to treat cancer, this time of year can be particularly emotional. However, with a little dose of love and encouragement, you can make sure that they enjoy this season in the best way possible. Read on to learn more about ways that you can encourage positivity.

Count Blessings
When you are going through radiation or chemotherapy, it can be hard to count your blessings. Not only are you terrified but your body is physically weak from the treatments. Encourage your loved one to remain positive and count their blessings. Whether they are recovering from radiation at home or in the hospital, bring a notebook to their bedside and help them make a list of all of their blessings— this will not only lift their spirits but yours as well.

Keep Traditions
One of the hardest things about undergoing any cancer treatment is that you don’t have enough energy to do things that you normally would. Encourage your loved one to still feel the joy of the holiday season by keeping your traditions. For instance, if your family typically decorates gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve, make sure that everyone still does this fun activity. Because your loved one may feel weak, try to set up a decorating station near their bed so that they can lay down if they get tired.

Set Goals
With the new year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to sit down and set goals. Setting goals will help to encourage positivity and excitement for a new year filled with new beginnings. To make sure that your loved one doesn’t feel alone, make this a group activity with your entire family. Encourage everyone to set both personal and group goals to achieve as a family.

Celebrate the holidays in the best way possible by encouraging an environment of fun and positivity. To learn more about radiation treatments, contact UTMB Radiology today!

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