What to Expect from Your 20 Week Ultrasound Appointment

Ultrasonography Galveston, TXWhen you find out you are expecting it is both exciting and a little nerve-wracking at the same time. Not only does it get you super excited about getting to hold a baby in your arms, but it can make you feel nervous throughout the entire pregnancy— hoping that the baby is healthy and that it is developing on schedule. Throughout your pregnancy, you will meet with your ob-gyn to ensure that the baby is actively growing and that you are healthy. As one of the tools used to measure these things, an ultrasound is done about two to three times throughout your pregnancy. One of the biggest appointment of your pregnancy is your 20-week ultrasound. So, what is the 20-week ultrasound and what can you expect from it? Read on to learn more.

The Gender

The most exciting thing about the 20-week ultrasound appointment is that, if you would like, you can find out the gender of your baby. If you are doing a gender reveal party and don’t want to know the sex until your big party, then make sure to tell the ultrasound tech, and they will write it down and put it in an envelope.

The Baby’s Anatomy

If you have been concerned about the growth and health of your baby, then your 20-week ultrasound will hopefully put your worries to rest. During this appointment is also a time when you will be able to see your heart, all of the major arteries, and the inflow and outflow of blood. Your ultrasound tech should be able to point all of these out to you during your appointment, and your doctor will go over them with you at a later time.

The Growth of the Baby

The growth of your baby is also easy to measure at your 20-week ultrasound. With our unique ultrasound technology, we will be able to measure the size of your baby’s head, brain, and body— ensuring that they are right on track. If they are either behind or ahead of schedule, your doctor may move your due date.

Here at UTMB, we specialize in a variety of radiology treatments including ultrasounds. If you would like to learn more about ultrasounds or if you would like to schedule an appointment, contact UTMB today!



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