How to Gear Up Your Child for Radiation

talking baout MRI with KidsIn a nutshell, cancer is awful for anybody who gets it. But when a child gets cancer, it’s even worse. If your child has recently been diagnosed with some form of cancer and is encouraged to undergo a radiation treatment by their oncologist, it can not only be hard on them but it can hard on you as well. In order to make your child feel as calm and comforted as possible during this time, try the following tips in order to gear them up for their radiation treatment therapy. Read on to learn more.

Explain to Them What Is Going to Happen
Rather than ignoring the fact that radiation is going to take place, prepare your child for their first radiation treatment by explaining to them what is going to happen during the procedure and why. If you have a young child whom you don’t think will be receptive towards any sort of communication regarding cancer and radiation, avoid any large terminology and instead stick with words like “owie” and “boo boo”. You can also look up informational videos online and try to explain radiation to your child with the help of the video.

Let Them Pick Out a Toy
Children love to have something to look forward to. As a great way to get your child through their radiation treatment, let them pick out a toy from the toy store before their session and let them have it as a reward after they are done. Try to pick it out beforehand because they may not feel up to going to the toy store right afterwards.

Bring Comfort With Them
One of the best ways to make sure your child feels comfortable and comforted during their radiation treatment is to let them bring their favorite item with them to the clinic or hospital. For instance, if your child has a favorite stuffed animal or blanket, let them take it with them as a form of comfort and relaxation. Although they may not be able to hold their item while they are getting radiation, they will feel comforted knowing they can have it as soon as they are done.

Being a parent of a child who has cancer is extremely hard and nothing can help quite prepare you for the entire experience. However, by using the following tips to help your child get through radiation, you can help to give them the calm reassurance that they need. To learn more about radiation or to schedule an appointment, contact UTMB Radiology today!

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