How to Help Your Loved One Through Radiation Therapy

Patient and DoctorWhen you hear that someone has to undergo radiation therapy, thoughts of a terminally ill cancer patient tend to flood their minds. If you have recently found out that someone in your life has to undergo radiation for some sort of illness, it can be hard to know what to do in order to keep them calm and reassured. However, by following these steps below you can help your loved one through radiation therapy.

  1. Help Ease Their Stress

When undergoing something fairly extensive like radiation therapy, nothing is more important than getting the rest and relaxation you need. In order to help lower your friends stress levels consider giving them a helping hand around their house and with running errands. Run to the grocery store for them, clean their house, and even offer to make them some meals. By not having to worry about keeping up with these weekly tasks, they can better recoup from radiation.

  1. Offer a Listening Ear

Going through some sort of life altering treatment is enough to make anyone’s head spin. As one of the best ways to help your friend through radiation therapy, offer to lend a listening ear. After all, nothing is more therapeutic than being able to discuss your raw emotions and feelings with someone close to you in your life.

  1. Go With Them to Appointments

When going into the unknown, the thought of doing it alone adds that much more stress. If your loved one doesn’t have anyone to accompany them to their radiation appointments, offer to go with them. That additional layer of support will help them to not feel as scared about the procedure just knowing that they have someone there to support them.

To learn more about ways in which you can help your loved one through radiation therapy, contact one of our radiology experts today.

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