How to Prepare Your Child for An MRI

MRI for kidsAs a parent, there are few things you want more in life than for your child to be healthy and happy. If your doctor has recently ordered that your child gets an MRI, you know just how stressful it can be. Luckily, here at UTMB Radiology, we have created a brief guide to help ensure that both you and your child stay as calm as possible during the MRI. From discussing what to expect to be in the room during the procedure, this article will discuss a few ways that you can prepare your child for their MRI. Read on to learn more.

Discuss the Sounds

Probably one of the most frightening and alarming parts of an MRI for anyone— even adults— is the sounds. Explain to your child beforehand that an MRI sounds like loud knocking on the machine but tell them that it’s nothing to be scared of. If your child is exceptionally scared of large sounds, ask the technician to turn it on beforehand so that they can know exactly what to expect before they go into it.

Think of Songs

Children love music and listening to music, and singing songs are both great ways to calm their anxieties before and during their MRI. Luckily, during their MRI they will be able to wear headphones and listen to music. As an added suggestion, encourage your child to sing along to some of their favorite songs during the procedure. The calmer they feel, the easier it will be.

Hold Still

When it comes to an MRI, one of the hardest parts for children is to hold still during the entire thing. Before the procedure, explain to your child the importance of holding still for the whole thing. If you can, encourage your little one to pretend like they are a mummy in a coffin and explain that they can’t wiggle free until they are out of the coffin. As a suggestion, try giving your child some incentive to look forward to if they hold still the whole time. Have they wanted an ice cream cone? Have they wanted to see a new movie? Now is the perfect time to offer them an incentive.

Getting an MRI can be intimidating for not only adults but children as well. Luckily, by using the tips listed above, you can help your little one stay calm during their MRI. To learn more about MRI’s or other imaging, contact UTMB Radiology today!



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