What to Do If You Spot a Lump In Your Breast

3D breast imagingIf you are a female, then it is important to give yourself a self breast examination in the shower at least once a month. If you find a lump during your self breast examination, it’s important to know exactly what the next steps are and what you can expect. From scheduling an appointment with your gynecologist to learning more about 3D breast exams, this article will discuss some of the steps that you can expect if you spot a lump in your breast. Read on to learn more.

Call the Doctor
The first step you should take if you spot a lump in your breast is to call your gynecologist. Your gynecologist will then ask you to come into the office and will conduct an examination on you in order to feel the size of the lump and see if it is just there. Oftentimes, a lump will appear in a woman’s breast around her menstrual cycle and will then dissipate after just a few days. If your doctor does spot a lump and is concerned about it, they may recommend that you go into UTMB Radiology in order to get a 3D breast imaging scan done.

3D Breast Imaging
If you are sent to UTMB Radiology to get a 3D breast image scan done, don’t fret or feel nervous about the procedure. As an FDA approved and pain free procedure, a 3D breast imaging exam is nothing to worry about. During this examination, multiple x-rays will be taken of your entire breast in order to get a view of every angle of your breasts. By having a clearer image of your breasts, it makes it easier for breast cancer to be detected and then treated.

Treatment Options
Depending on what your diagnosis is after you receive your 3D breast imaging results, your doctor may recommend that you undergo treatment options such as a biopsy, a mastectomy, radiation, chemotherapy, or other less invasive treatment options.

As a woman, it’s important to know how to give yourself a breast exam and what the procedure is like if you find a lump in your breast. To learn more about breast cancer treatment options— specifically, 3D breast imaging— contact our UTMB Radiology office today!

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