How to Talk to Your Little One About Getting an MRI

Kids about MRIHaving a little child in your life is both joyful and difficult— especially when it comes to medical issues. If your child has to undergo an MRI, it can be hard to explain to them what the procedure is like and what they can expect. That’s why we here at UTMB Radiology, like all of our parents to be prepared with some tips on how to ease your child’s worries and help them to feel more comfortable with getting their MRI. Read on to learn about some tips you can use.

Explain the Anesthesia
Did you know that an MRI can take up to an hour to complete? Knowing that, look at your child and try to remember the last time they held still for two hours while they were awake— the answer is likely a resounding “Never!” That’s why children who undergo an MRI are usually given anesthesia so that the radiologists can get concrete images while the child is still. Additionally, because the MRI machine itself can be a bit frightening in appearance, it’s also nice that your child won’t have to worry about going into the machine itself.

Explain the Why
Another important thing to consider when speaking to your child about getting an MRI is explaining to them why exactly they are getting the MRI done. For instance, if your child has a tumor and their oncologist wants to take a closer look, try to explain to your child that they have a bump on their brain that the doctors need to look at so that they can make it all better. When talking to your child, try to use terminology that’s more juvenile and less medical— that way they will be able to understand you better.

Explain With Visuals
Children are visual learners— that’s why things like puppets and picture books are used to help them learn. In order to help your child get to understand MRI’s a little bit better, try to create visuals— like a picture book or even by using objects around your house— in order to describe the imaging process.

Undergoing an MRI can cause adults anxiety, but when it comes to children, it can seem even more frightening. Help to ease your child’s worries by using the tips above to help them understand this type of imaging a bit better. To learn more about MRI’s or to schedule an appointment with our office, contact UTMB Radiology today!

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