The Truth Behind Ultrasound Technology: Is It Really Safe?

Doctor and PatientIn a world filled with radiation exposure and exposure to chemicals in things like our foods, it can often be hard to decipher what will actually cause harm to our bodies and what is really quite safe. And when it comes to something like ultrasound technology that is used to monitor a fetus’ growth, it can have parents everywhere wondering just how safe this form of technology is.

A Little About Ultrasound Safety

Unlike popular belief, ultrasound technology does not use radiation like x-rays do and is therefore safe for both the mother and the baby. In fact, there is no evidence to support ultrasound technology being harmful for the baby at all.

Types of Prenatal Ultrasounds

Prenatal ultrasounds are initially used to determine how many fetus’ are present and the age of the baby. Later on in a pregnancy, ultrasounds are used to determine the gender, health of the baby, predicted weight of the baby, and information about the placenta.

However, there are non-medical clinics that also provide 4-D technology to help parents determine earlier on the gender of the baby and some possible health problems. It should be know, however, that because these ultrasounds aren’t run by a medical professional they are discouraged by The March of Dimes, the FDA, and other medical experts because false results may be given.

What To Expect During An Ultrasound

If this is your first time getting an ultrasound, one of the biggest concerns you might have is whether or not the procedure will be painful for both yourself and the baby. However, due to their non-invasive nature, topical ultrasounds aren’t painful and don’t require any sort of pain medication.

Before your ultrasound, you may be asked to change into a medical gown or garments, or you may simply just have to expose your lower abdominal area. The ultrasound tech will then put a warm jelly substance on your abdomen and will then take a small device, called a transducer, and will gently press it against your lower abdomen to try to locate your uterus and the baby. Although slight pressure may be applied during the process, it shouldn’t be painful at all.

When it comes to the thought of ultrasounds, you might be a little bit nervous about how it affects your health and the health of the baby. However, there really isn’t anything to worry about.

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