Ultrasounds: Not Just for Prenatal Exams

female-nurseWhenever anybody hears the word “ultrasound” they initially think of a prenatal test to check on the health and well-being of a growing infant. And although ultrasounds are used for these types of prenatal exams, they can be used for so much more as well. As a tool to check for stomach ulcers and cysts, to looking at your breast tissue to detect breast cancer, ultrasounds are a great medical tool to help with diagnostics.

Stomach Ulcers and Cysts

If you are experiencing extreme stomach pain and it’s more than just a typical stomach ache, you might have a more serious problem such as a stomach ulcer or cyst. In order to accurately detect the stomach issue and properly diagnose it, your doctor or nurse will likely request that you have an ultrasound done. By using the ultrasound technology, your doctor will be able to get a close look at your stomach lining and everything in your stomach area.

Ovarian and Uterine Cysts

If you are a female who struggles with extreme discomfort during your premenstrual cycle or has been experiencing an abnormal amount of pain in your lower pelvic region, you might have an ovarian cyst. As a great way to help diagnose whether or not you suffer from ovarian cysts, your doctor will want to perform an ultrasound in order to look at the ovaries and uterus in order to check for any abnormalities that they might see.

Breast Tissue

If you detect a lump in your breast, it’s important to keep a close eye on it. Often times lumps appear closer to your period and then quickly subside. However, if your lump doesn’t go away, you need to call your doctor or healthcare professional as soon as possible. After an initial examination, your doctor may recommend that you get an ultrasound done on your breasts in order to look at the lump and the surrounding breast tissue. This will help your doctor detect whether the lump is something to be fairly concerned about.

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